Griddled avocados with crab and chorizo

How to make Griddled avocados with crab and chorizo


* chorizo 50g, cut into small dice

* groundnut oil

* baby avocados 4, halved and stoned

* Seafood & Eat It Crab Salsa 170g pot

* flat-leaf parsley finely chopped to make 1 tbsp


Put the chorizo in a small frying pan with 2 tbsp of oil and cook gently for a few minutes until it crisps a little and the oil has turned red.
Brush the cut sides of the avocados with a little more oil, then griddle until grill marked.
Put the avocados on a platter, spoon over the crab salsa then drizzle with the chorizo and infused oil. Scatter with parsley to finish.

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